trout001.JPG January 17 it was time for the first 2011 Outing for Panhandle Flyfishers. The weather forecast was not promising but who cares when the company is good and fishing is on the agenda! It has almost become a tradition to visit Galt's Pond in Tallahassee in January. It's also a tradition that it needs to rain the hole day! Never the less we had a great day. The fishing was tough despite a lot of activity in the water! The fish was feeding most of the day but unfortunately not feeding among our feather creations! 

Judging by the pictures one could get the impression that we ate hotdogs all day but that's actually not the case. We fished hard and did our best  but only 3 fish landed was the end result. Len and he's field kitchen delivered gourmet Hotdogs, warm coffee and  kept the spirit high!

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