100_1758.jpgMonday morning 13 December found myself, Dennis Curley and Bill Streitz, Torben Dam and Gary Albaugh packed in my truck with all our fly fishing gear headed to Louisiana for a two day fishing adventure in the marshes.  As usual the best laid plans for perfect weather were dashed by Mother Nature and other than freezing cold (29 degrees and 15 MPH winds) we were ready to fish.
Torben and I teamed with our guide Capt. John Iverson on an 18’ Mitzi Skiff and Bill and Gary teamed with Capt. Barrett on an 18’ Maverick Skiff.  We launched out of Hopedale Marina on the East side of the Mississippi and our morning run, at top speed of course in freezing weather, was an hour long to get to the “Honey Hole”.  We stopped a few times en-route to check out some troubled waters or pushes along the marsh banks that looked promising, but to no avail.  The water temperature was 43.9 and the Redfish weren’t too anxious to get moving till the sun came up and provided some warmth.  As the day went on the bite progressed and Torbens olive Toad pattern seemed to be the trick for he was enticing more bites than my Black Rhino was.  The waters were murky and with the overcast I figured a dark color would be best so I switched to a Brown Slider fly and the bite improved.  Torben and I managed to land over a half dozen nice Reds over 10#s.  His largest being 15# and mine being 16#.  Back at the marina Gary and Bill came in right as we were tying up.  They had a medium day catching a handful of Reds under 10#s an Gary had one nice 14 pounder.
Day two we kept our fishing partners but swapped out guides.  Torben and I weren’t thrilled that our guide from yesterday was taking Bill and Gary to our “Honey Hole”!! The weather was warmer but that was traded off for solid overcast and higher winds that made fishing a challenge.  Capt. Barrett got us into some nice fish albeit on the small size under 10#s.  We caught a handful by noon but had to cut it off and head back for the winds were gusting pretty good.
To our surprise the other boat didn’t return and stayed out in those winds.  Torben and I were convinced those S----------- were slaying the big ones at our “Honey Hole”.  As it turned out they came in late, tired and thirsty for a cold beer with no tales of big catches but sighted some nice ones.
The attached photos are of some of our catches and all of us sharing a cold one at the pub at the end of our fishing adventure.